Sporting Achievements 2020/2021

Even though this academic year has been challenging sporting wise, St James’ has risen to the challenge and still participated in a number of virtual competitions run through the HRVSSP.


All classes entered the Virtual Competition with children dribbling the ball through straight line cones and zig zag cones as quickly as they could by keeping control of the ball.

These children won the competition against other school in HRVSSP.

Y1/2 male                           Level 3 – Sam

                                            Boss level – Harry Walton

Y1/2 female                       Boss level – Imogen Miller

Y3/4 Male                          Boss level – Freddie Wade

Y3/4 female                      Boss level – Gracie-Rae Spedding

Y5/6 male                          Level 2 – Spencer Allen

                                            Level 5 – Kai Wiggans

                                            Boss level – Euan Rushton

Y5/6 Female                     Level four – Sophie Snape

                                           Boss level - Scarlett Brunning

All children received a medal


The children had to navigate their way around a number of routes writing down the correct sequence of letters.

Well done to Karla Scheidt and Julia Swiatonska who came third overall in this HRVSSP competition.

Santa Dash

All our classes took part in the Santa Dash running a mile dressed in their Christmas jumpers.

Active Points Tracker

During lockdown, the SSP encouraged our children to be active whilst at home. The children were awarded points for every 15 minutes of exercise they did and kept a tally of what they achieved.

All this information was sent into the SSP and the most active children and class were celebrated.

Well done Elm Class who were the most active during lockdown.

Well done to these children for achieving 200+ points in total:

- Joshua Jackson-Naylor

- Te’anna Jackson Naylor

- Harriet Barnes

- Scarlett Barnes

- James Middlteon

- Lexa-Louise Haworth

Virtual Dance Challenge

Children were encouraged to video themselves dancing and send their videos to the SSP to be judged.

George Smithies, in Sycamore Class, won the competition for the entire Ribble Valley.

Virtual Multi Skill Challenge

HRVSSP organised a multi skill competition to challenge the children’s athletic, invasion, striking and fielding and net/wall skills.

The children each competed in all four events and the results sent to the SSP.

We are currently awaiting our results.

                                                        SPORTS DAY

Each of the bubbles have taken part in Sports Day activities this term with both field and track activities.

Each class competed in their team point teams and results will be amalgamated to find out which team wins overall this year.