Clitheroe St. James' C of E
Primary School

We are very proud to be a part of St' James' Church Clitheroe.

Helen Potts is the Children and Families Worker at St. James' Church.

We are delighted that part of her time is spent in school working with our children.

Helen runs a Bible Diggers Club after school on a Tuesday evening for our children.

She also spends time playing games with the children on the playground at lunchtime.

We are also very fortunate that Helen coordinates the TLG coaches who come into school to support our children.

Many of our children attend the Rockin Club, which she runs at Church on a Tuesday evening.

Also, our families are involved in the Friday Superheroes and Mega Mondays family sessions, which are held at Church.

Helen says, ‘She loves being a link between the school and church parts of St James’ Family.’

Our Christian Value

Each half term we focus on a Christian Value that is important to our school. This half term we are thinking about.....


We are thinking about treating others with respect.

We are also thinking about how we should treat the things that belong to us and to other people respectfully.

We can show respect to someone by the way we speak to them.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Matthew 7: 12 

Home School Value- Respect


Collective Worship is at the heart of our school life.

Meet our Worship Group from 2019-2020.

Visiting The Advent Prayer Room at Church

New School Libary Books!


We are delighted to have been awarded a grant by Speaking Volumes.

We have used it to buy books for our infant and junior libraries.


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Bishop Philip

Bishop Philip North led a service of blessing to open our outdoor worship area.

St James' Church Wednesday Morning Communion Service came to St James' School.

The congregation had been invited to share their service at school as part of an ongoing relationship with Year Six and this communion group. A great time was had by all.


A day in the life of the children at Kings Highway School in Eldoret, Kenya who we are proudly twinned with.

Decorating Slates for the Infant Worship Area


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All of our children in Year Two and those new to school receive their own Bible, thanks to our School Governors and the charity Bibles for Children.