Ash Class

Mrs L Barnes - Class Teacher 
Mrs Lucas - Teacher (Thurs pm & Intervention Groups)
Mrs C Woodward - Teaching Assistant and HLTA

Welcome to our class page!

We are class of Year 1 and 2 children! 
A classroom where we always work hard, try our best and enjoy our learning.

Ash Class children are working hard on their St. James’ journey to ‘Learn, Remember, Use’ in order to be the greatest learner they can be! To make the most of every opportunity and do the best that they can in school.

In Ash Class we encourage and praise fantastic listening, super learning attitudes and wonderful independent work. We are proud to share our work and celebrate achievements together. 

Our page is updated regularly so you can see all of our wonderful learning. 



Knowledge: To identify similarities and differences between past and present.

Skills : To use simple stories to show they understand key features of events To use sources to understand why people in the past acted as they did. Click on the subjects below to find out more...



Knowledge: To help children to think geographically and to equip them with some knowledge about the hot and cold places of the world and how these are different from the UK.
Skills: To use maps and globes and basic geographical vocabulary.
Click on the subjects below to discover more...

What we are learning about in Ash Class













English Subject Heading

Autumn Term 1

We shall be learning - 
HARRY THE HAPPY MOUSE by N.G.K and Janelle Dimmett Rhymes, poems & songs (2 weeks) Fiction unit (3 weeks) Non-fiction unit (2 weeks).

Maths Subject Heading

Autumn Term 1 - Place Value 

YEAR 1 – Count to and across 100, forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1, or from any given number.

Count in multiples of twos, fives and tens.

Read and write numbers to 100 in numerals.

Read and write numbers from 1 to 20 in numerals and words.

Begin to recognise the place value of numbers beyond 20 (tens and ones).

Identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial

representations including the number line (numbers to at least 30).

Use the language of: equal to, more than, less than (fewer), most, least.

Given a number, identify one more and one less.

Recognise and create repeating patterns with numbers, objects and shapes.

Identify odd and even numbers linked to counting in twos from 0 and 1.

 Solve problems and practical problems involving all of the above.

YEAR 2 -  Count in steps of 2, 3, and 5 from 0, and in tens from any number, forward and backward.

 Read and write numbers to at least 100 in numerals and in words.

 Recognise the place value of each digit in a two-digit number (tens, ones).

 Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations, including the number line.

 Partition numbers in different ways (e.g. 23 = 20 + 3 and 23 = 10 + 13).

 Compare and order numbers from 0 up to 100; use <, > and = signs.

 Find 1 or 10 more or less than a given number.

 Round numbers to at least 100 to the nearest 10.

 Understand the connection between the 10 multiplication table and place value.

 Describe and extend simple sequences involving counting on or back in different steps.

 Use place value and number facts to solve problems.

Science Subject Heading 

Autumn Term 1

We shall be learning - 

Common animals other than humans and their basic structure

Season Autumn and weather walk - Natural Journal 

Art Subject Heading

Autumn Term 1

We shall be learning -

Drawing in pastel – developed into 3D using clay

Geography Subject Heading

Autumn Term 1

We shall be learning -

Hot and Cold countries around the world.

Computing Subject Heading

Autumn Term 1

We shall be learning -

Information Technology - Text and images – 2 Publish, 2 Create a Story, 2 Animate

Online safety - School rules, AUP

Music Subject Heading

Autumn Term 1

We shall be learning -

Zootime - (Charanga Y2)

PE Subject Heading

Autumn Term 1. Our PE day is Friday

We shall be learning -

Fundamental Movement Skills Pre-Assessment Lost & Found

Games – Catching

PSHE Subject Heading

Autumn Term 1

We shall be learning -


Families & Friendships

Safe Relationships

Respecting Ourselves & Others

RE Subject Heading

Autumn Term 1

We shall be learning -

God and Creation


History Subject Heading

Autumn Term 1

We shall be learning -

Not taught this half term. 

Homework Subject Heading

Homework Info will appear each week. 

Please try to read a few pages of your reading book each night. 

Practice the weekly phoneme spelling words. 

Our Mission

We believe that every child is special and has their own talents

At Clitheroe St. James' C.E. Primary School, Christianity flows through everything we do but we also value other faiths.

All the children will be helped to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. They will be encouraged to always try to do their best and be proud of their work.

Clitheroe St. James' C.E. Primary School is an important and valuable part of the Church family and the wider community.